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Flippa Market Place - How to Sell Your Web Site   by Zac Johnson

in Advertising / Online Advertising    (submitted 2011-07-25)

If you've ever wanted to buy or sell a website, one of the first places you should look is Flippa. What is Flippa you might be asking? In short, it's the largest online marketplace for buying and selling websites.

What started out as a regular forum thread to buy and sell websites on SitePoint back in 2005, has evolved into a full website market place of it's own and spreading like wild fire. With so much attention and growth coming from the website buying and selling thread on SitePoint, the team decided to launch a full website dedicated to the purpose of being a marketplace for use web sites. This would become Flippa in June 2009 when the site was launched.

Flippa was launched by the amazing team of Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz, who are the founders of the successful online media and publishing company SitePoint.

The base foundation of loyal users, customers and fans from SitePoint has quickly made Flippa into the massive powerhouse market place it is today. Since going live, Flippa has produced over $50 million in web site transactions in less than two years.

Buyers and sellers alike, both love the Flippa platform because of the easy navigation and security and support that is offered through the site. It only takes a few minutes to list a web site for sale and a low listing fee, which keeps bringing seller back. Buyers love the web site because it offers them a sense of security when purchase large or small web sites, and the growth of Flippa just keeps bringing in more quality website listings.

There are currently over 100,000 registered users of Flippa and more than 1,000 active buyers and sellers on the web site at any given moment of the day.

In 2010, Flippa experience over 150,000 bids through their site and selling nearly 20,000 websites. The estimated value of these websites is in the $21 million range.

As of July, 2011, Flippa is currently ranked 755 on Alexa's ranking for the most popular websites in the world.

A few notable and high level websites and domains have already been bought and sold through the Flippa marketplace, such as:

- Twitter service Retweet.com for $250,000 (March 2010).

- Best blog directory BlogTopSites.com for $117,000 (April 2010).

- Mark Zuckerberg's old site FaceMash.com for $30,000 (October 2010).

- Biographical dictionary s9.com for undisclosed 6-figures (October 2010).

- Social debating platform Debate.org for undisclosed 6-figures (December 2010).

It's safe to say that Flippa will stay a dominant player in the website buying and selling space for quite a while. As the site continues to grow, more buyers and sellers will use the site and solidify it's place as the top marketplace online for buying and selling websites.